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If you asked my close friends who I am many would agree that I am approachable, professional and more importantly a perfectionist (I did ask friends). I’m Dave and I am pleased to E-meet you. I am a parent, son and so many things that we all are and like to think that I bring a wealth of SEO and marketing knowledge to the table for any type of business.

As a person I am active in a number of things alongside a real passion for keeping up to date with the latest trends in what I do. Many of my hours are spent analysing and researching data so I can offer my clients a comprehensive freelance SEO service. Some may call it a one stop shop solution.

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Past Experience

I have worked with clients that run small businesses right through to multi nationals. Offering social media, PPC, SEO and so much more. What makes me unique is the fact that I am a marketing consultant with SEO knowledge which is why many of my customers continue to use my services decades later.

Want to know more? Why not get in touch using the contact me page today. I will always be happy to answer questions, feedback and introduce myself to new customers.

Qualified BY experience

Right back in 1999 I had my first experience of SEO and what it was. Alta -Vista was the main search engine back then.

First Number 1 Term

Shortly after I started in early 2000 I managed to secure multiple first positions on the major search engines.

The Present Day

With over 2500 keyterms ranking in the top 3 and around 1000 of them in the number 1 spot you can see why people utilise my SEO service.

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