Fire Strategy Reports

Industry Compliant Fire Strategy Reports 

Prior to undertaking new build projects, making alterations to a building, preparing fire system designs, or specifying fire prevention and management practices, our fire strategy report setting out the base requirements can greatly assist in the focus of subsequent specifications, reducing the need to go back to first principles when a new aspect of the fire safety and protection provisions is foreseen. This document is often referred to as a Fire Strategy.

Our fire strategy report will consist of several or all of the following factors: 

  1. Management and system audit;
  2. Mandatory framework;
  3. Objectives setting;
  4. Risk and hazard assessment;
  5. Building characteristics;
  6. Occupant characteristics;
  7. Practical issues.

The resulting Fire Strategy Report will consist of several or all of the following depending on the clients predetermined requirements:

  1. Fire policy statement;
  2. Fire safety (management) strategy;
  3. Evacuation strategy;
  4. Fire and smoke control strategy;
  5. Fire fighting strategy;
  6. Fire protection strategy.

A full fire strategy report that will bring you peace of mind and all available on 07712 237831