Local SEO

Google Local SEO Service

Your a local business looking for more local customers so will need something I tend to call local SEO. With Google and other search engines it is important that your able to show the how local you are and there are a number of things that you can do to improve your local rankings. Local directories, a maps listing, getting links on other local company websites and also utilising a decent onsite SEO formula will all help.

I don’t expect you to understand any of that but with the right expert onboard it isn’t unachievable to expect a number 1 position on any search engine if your website is adapted correctly. Embedding your Maps listing onto your contact page will also help but where do you start with all of this? That is probably why your here looking for the answers. My name is Dave and I am an SEO expert that has helped many businesses achieve great local rankings that go on to become profitable customers and help grow my clients businesses.

Want to know how much, how long, whats involved and more importantly what you can expect as results? Why not get in touch with me today so that I can answer all of those questions for you. I promise that you will have a much better understanding and some ideas to go away with and who knows maybe we will work together too.