Video SEO

Video SEO Service Bracknell

With so many video sharing sites and the ability to upload your videos to your websites there are quite a variety of ways that you can optimise your video for a specific audience. With video views expanding exponentially it goes without saying that video SEO is a practise that is becoming more popular.

5 billion views a day on Youtube and that’s just one platform that you could use. Some say that 8 out of 10 18-49 year olds watch at least 1 video per day. Now imagine just gaining 0.1% of those views and what that could do for your business in terms of new potential clients.

Video SEO isn’t the same as other SEO services but if you get it right (we can show you how) then it really could change the face of your business. Don’t have a video? No worries, we also work closely with video producers that understand how important your message is and how to convey it.

So if your in need of a Video SEO service why not get in touch with me today.